Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reuters blames Israel for talks impasse

As an illustration of the lengths to which Reuters will go to advocate for the Palestinian Arabs in the Middle East conflict, Allyn Fisher-Ilan and Keith Weir imply that Israel is to blame for the current suspension in negotiations with the Palestinians because the Netanyahu government will not "freeze settlement building":

"Israel has resisted U.S. President Barack Obama's calls to freeze settlement building in occupied territory so that peace talks may resume, a dispute that has led to a rare rift in the Jewish state's relations with its main backer."

In reality of course, Netanyahu has repeatedly offered unconditional peace talks with the Palestinians (as well as making substantial concessions) while PA President Mahmoud Abbas has steadfastly refused any talks until all of his conditions are met first.

For Reuters however, it is always Israel which is the intransigent.


  1. "For Reuters however, it is always Israel which is the intransigent."

    Of course it is, otherwise this wouldn't be a Reuter's story, now would it?!

  2. He said he wanted unconditional peace talks, but he gave a whole slew of pre-conditions.
    Netanyahu speech about 'unconditional peace talks'was aimed at easing the pressures from the obama administration than negotiating with the palestinians.