Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jeffrey Heller specifies Israeli commitments; vague on Palestinian commitments

In a story this week on comments by US Middle East envoy George Mitchell that the Obama administration might attempt to pressure Israel into concessions by threatening to withhold loan guarantees, Reuters Jeffrey Heller wants readers to be very clear on Israeli commitments under the 2003 Road Map peace plan:
Obama and Netanyahu have clashed over the president's demand -- since softened -- that Israel halt all settlement activity on land captured in the 1967 war, in line with a 2003 U.S.-backed peace 'road map'...
But Heller is apparently not as concerned that readers fully understand Palestinan commitments under the same plan:
[The Road Map] also called on the Palestinians to rein in militants
This is not the first time Heller has slyly understated Palestinian obligations so we'll fill in the gaps for him.  Under Phase I of the Road Map:
Rebuilt and refocused Palestinian Authority security apparatus begins sustained, targeted, and effective operations aimed at confronting all those engaged in terror and dismantlement of terrorist capabilities and infrastructure. This includes commencing confiscation of illegal weapons and consolidation of security authority, free of association with terror and corruption.
Not only has the Palestinian Authority failed to meet this commitment, PA President Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah party have formally embraced the declared terror group Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade as their "armed wing" to threaten Israelis.

Heller is conspicuously silent on this but we think readers deserve the full story.

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