Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reuters reports on Hamas' violations of human rights; devotes nearly half of story to drawing comparisons with Israel

It's a rare occasion when Reuters pens a story on the systematic oppression and human rights violations endemic in Hamas-controlled Gaza.  With articles issued by the Associated Press and other agencies this week on Hamas dumping bullet-riddled bodies and demolishing dozens of Palestinian homes in Gaza, Reuters apparently felt compelled to report on these abuses.  Still, in a story of just over 300 words on the house demolitions, correspondent Nidal al-Mughrabi manages to divert nearly half of his content to stale and skewed comparisons with Israeli practices when it controlled the Strip:
Israeli forces often carried out home demolitions in the southern Gaza town of Rafah, along the Egyptian border, during a Palestinian uprising that began in 2000, saying the dwellings provided cover for militants.
That Israel leveled houses in Gaza is of course, where the similarity with Hamas' current abomination ends.  In the former instance, Israel was, as al-Mughrabi alludes, defending against Palestinian smuggling of lethal weaponry via tunnels strategically constructed under civilian structures so as to thwart those defensive actions.  In the latter case, Hamas is... well, being Hamas.

Al-Mughrabi then wishes to relitigate the death seven years ago of Rachel Corrie:
A U.S. pro-Palestinian activist, Rachel Corrie, was killed by an Israeli army bulldozer there in 2003 while protesting against Israeli demolitions.
Corrie was a member of the terrorist-enabling International Solidarity Movement and was killed, not while "protesting" but rather while protecting Hamas' weapons smuggling tunnels.

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