Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reuters still fabricating geography; still concealing history; still covering for the Palestinians

Integral to Reuters efforts to assign ownership of Jerusalem to the Palestinian Arabs is the artificial bifurcation of the city into two fictitious cities: East Jerusalem, and presumably West Jerusalem (although the latter is rarely mentioned by the news agency).

What Reuters cunningly characterizes and capitalizes as "East Jerusalem" is actually the Old City of Jerusalem, complete with its ancient artifacts and religious sites including Judaism's holiest shrine, the Temple Mount, where the Temples of Solomon and Herod once stood.

Although Jews founded the city of Jerusalem as their capital over three thousand years ago and maintained a continuous presence there until they were ethnically cleansed from the area by the Arab Legion in 1949, Reuters seizes as its historical reference point, the 19 year sliver of time, between 1949 and 1967, when Jews were barred from living in or entering the city by the conquering Arabs.  The propaganda mantra, "East Jerusalem", is employed to conceal Jerusalem's Jewish history and the fact that the Arabs seek to once again control the Old City of Jerusalem.

Indeed, even the Palestinian Authority does not refer to "East Jerusalem" on its website or in its literature when it declares its intention to make Jerusalem the capital of its inchoate state.  As well, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinian officials are quite clear when they assert that the city of "Jerusalem" must be declared the Palestinian capital (and that no Jews will be permitted there).  No modifying East is mentioned.

So, the next time you see a Reuters correspondent write something along the lines of:
East Jerusalem, which is controlled by the Israelis but which the Palestinians want as their future capital, poses another problem
you'll know Reuters is still fabricating geography, still concealing history, and still covering for the Palestinian Arabs.

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