Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ori Lewis forgets a little something

Reuters correspondent Ori Lewis is quick to mock Israel's concern that passengers on the flotilla expected to depart for Gaza in the coming days are seeking a violent confrontation; he refers to the "European MPs, a former CIA analyst, a 75-year [old] Holocaust survivor, professors and authors" who will be aboard.  

Lewis is not as proficient however, at reporting who is organizing, funding, and training the crew for the flotilla mission:
Hamas leader from Holland Amin Abu Rashid has been seen in recent days training with a Gaza-bound flotilla crew in Greece, according to a report by Dutch newspaper De Telegraafon Thursday.

Rashid, described as the "brain" behind the flotilla, helped arrange the purchasing of the Dutch boat expected to be used in the expedition, De Telegraaf reported.

Rashid also allegedly organized the majority of the funding for the flotilla, the report said. 
Some might think this revelation material to a story on a convoy masquerading as an "aid flotilla" and attempting to violate a legal sea blockade.

Not so Reuters.

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