Saturday, October 3, 2009

If it's the weekend, there must be a football match

Once again, Reuters writers resort to banal labeling of, natch, only Israeli leaders. In a report today which cites Egyptian President Mubarak urging Israel to enter into "final status" negotiations with the Palestinians, Reuters' Alastair Sharp writes:

"Netanyahu, a right-winger who took office in March, has made clear he does not wish to repeat any such offers that Olmert may have made."

No similar tagging (in fact, no political tagging at all) is attached to either Mubarak or PA President Mahmoud Abbas, both of whom are mentioned several times in the story. Yet, Abbas' status as a political reactionary is plain to see with his refusal to enter into peace negotiations with Israel failing an end to all building in the disputed territories (including the eastern portion of Jerusalem) and apparently, a new demand that:

"Israel must honor agreements on borders and Jerusalem that he [Abbas] says its previous government made in talks last year."

Oh my; intransigence and further demands from that political "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas.

In future, Reuters may wish to think about leveling the playing field in their match reporting.

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