Monday, August 30, 2010

Jeffrey Heller unconscious for last 10 years as Arab imams have called for death to the Jews

Jeffrey Heller reported yesterday on a sermon by Israeli Rabbi Ovadia Yosef where the latter apparently asked God to strike Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinians with a plague so that they might perish from the earth.  Pretty melodramatic stuff and probably worth a column.

In the last line of his story, Heller mentions something else almost in passing:
Netanyahu and Abbas are due to resume direct peace talks in Washington on Thursday, the first such negotiations in 20 months in a peace process that commits both sides to avoid incitement, which has included anti-Jewish sermons by Palestinian clerics.
Yet, one would never know this following Reuters over the last 10 years as the agency has failed utterly to report on these sermons.  Here's a sampling of what you've been missing, Jeffrey.

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