Thursday, March 3, 2011

The curly-haired perfume peddler performs a metaphorical fugue

In a story which suggests Hamas will benefit from the revolution in Egypt, Reuters correspondent Crispian (curly-haired) Balmer (perfume peddler) cheers on the terrorist group:
(Reuters) - Hamas is having a good revolution.
The unrest that has transformed the Arab world outside the tiny coastal enclave has boosted the standing of the Islamist group within Gaza and strengthened its position against the rival Palestinian Authority, which holds sway in the West Bank.
Hamas greeted the downfall of Egyptian former President Hosni Mubarak with euphoria, sensing that his departure would weaken Israel's stranglehold on the impoverished territory that has crippled its economy and confined its inhabitants.
Mubarak's exit has also deprived both Israel and PA President Mahmoud Abbas of their closest Arab ally, leaving them suddenly exposed in a rapidly changing region.
"The next Egyptian government will never accept the suffocation of Gaza. There will be an end to the blockade and to the isolation of Hamas," said Hamas spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum.
"It will take time, but the future is looking good."Hamas, which does not recognize Israel, won elections in the Palestinian Territories in 2006 and seized control of Gaza 18 months later after a brief civil war against Abbas's allies.
Since then it has survived an Israeli military onslaught launched after repeated cross-border rocket attacks and struggled to overcome a grinding blockade that has left 80 percent of the 1.5 million inhabitants dependent on aid.
True to Reuters' pattern of consistently demonizing Israel for the ills of the world, and particularly those of the Arab world, Balmer employs cheap metaphor and hyperbole to describe the situation in the Gaza Strip and lay blame on Israel.  Balmer delays for eight paragraphs -- and then offers bare mention of -- the rationale for Israel's embargo: "repeated cross-border rocket attacks".  We read that Israel has a "stranglehold" which has "crippled" and "confined" but nothing of the years of terrorized Israeli civilian communities which precipitated the military "onslaught".

Worse, Balmer's metaphorical fugue is entirely out of tune and out of time.  Despite Hamas' immutable mission to eradicate Israel and commit genocide against the Jewish people, and notwithstanding the hundreds of Palestinian rockets and mortars that continue to rain down on Israeli communities underscoring that mission, Israel has facilitated the delivery of over a million tons of humanitarian assistance to the Strip, accepted hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into Israeli hospitals for medical treatment, and accommodated the export of Palestinian staples like fruit, flowers, and textiles which contributed to economic growth of 16 percent in Gaza for 2010.  Data and photos from other information sources have shown us that life in Gaza is not as desperate as Reuters would have us believe.

Some however, like Crispian, continue to peddle malodorous balms and punk parlando.

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