Friday, April 29, 2011

Grow up, Jeffrey

Reuters Jerusalem Bureau Editor-in-Charge Jeffrey Heller, who has worked for the agency for the better part of three decades, refuses to grow up.

Grown-ups own-up to the truth, particularly when they are obliged to do so under their employer's corporate governance charter.  They don't let their own magical thinking or egocentricity sully their employer's reputation for accuracy and fairness.  They don't mislead with the puerile hope that they will not be found out.

Regrettably, Heller continues to demonstrate that he is not a grown-up:
Peace talks between Israel and Abbas's administration resumed in September in Washington but quickly fizzled after Prime Minister Benjamain Netanyahu refused to extend a partial building freeze in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.
Heller knows that peace talks did not "fizzle" but rather, were unilaterally rejected by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.  Heller knows that the Israeli Prime Minister has repeatedly implored the Palestinians to return to peace talks without conditions.  And Heller knows that Abbas' rejection of these talks represents just the latest chapter in years of Palestinian intransigence.

Heller refuses to disclose these facts however, because he personally identifies with the Palestinians.  He relates to their sense of entitlement.  He sympathizes with their self-imposed victimhood.  And he admires their ability to manipulate the adult world, with threats and tantrums, into getting what they want.

Time to grow up, Jeffrey.

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