Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Racist Allyn Fisher-Ilan at it again

From a story by Reuters racist Allyn Fisher-Ilan:
The Palestinians want a state covering all of the West Bank and Gaza Strip with Arab East Jerusalem as their capital and a settlement of the refugee issue. They have declined comment on the initiative, saying they want to see its text first.
For the umpteenth time, there is no such place as "Arab East Jerusalem", and reference to it is ahistorical, biased, and racist.  The eastern part of the city of Jerusalem was designated such by the Jordanian-led Arab Legion in 1949 following its invasion, conquest and ethnic cleansing of the area of Jews.  This status lasted a mere 19 years of a municipal history spanning over three-thousand years during which time Jews founded the city, built its roads and Temples, and constituted its majority religio-ethnic community for centuries before the arrival of colonizing Arabs.

Fisher-Ilan is peddling a propaganda mantra here in an unethical attempt to influence her readers to accept the false notion that Jerusalem belongs to the Arabs.

In so doing, she's violating her firm's corporate governance charter, endorsing the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Jerusalem, and betraying her hardcore racism.

Jewish Jerusalem before and after ethnic cleansing by the Arab Legion.

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