Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cheerleading for war

Reuters Jerusalem correspondent Dan Williams hosts a personal Twitter account called:
Last we checked, there was no war in the Middle East, nor was war imminent. 

What does a personal social network with this title tell us about Williams' mindset?

What does it tell us about his motivations?

What does it tell us about the lean of his reporting?

What does it tell us about the news agency he works for which has as its advertised core values, independence, integrity and freedom from bias?


Because after all, Reuters correspondents might have to join the ranks of the unemployed if peace became a permanent fixture in the Middle East.

They sell us the president the same way
They sell us our clothes and our cars
They sell us everything from youth to religion
The same time they sell us our wars 

-- Jackson Browne, Lives in the Balance

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