Sunday, July 17, 2011

Propaganda? What propaganda?

In a carefully contrived propaganda campaign intended to coerce their readers to view the city of Jerusalem as belonging to the Palestinians (Arabs) rather than the Israelis (Jews), Reuters correspondents artificially bifurcate the city and systematically refer to the eastern portion, including the Old City, as either "East Jerusalem" (capital "E") or with the ahistorical and racist misnomer, "Arab East Jerusalem".

In fact, Jerusalem is a single city with a Jewish-majority population, founded and built by the Jews more than 3,000 years ago, and only divided into eastern (Arab) and western (Jewish) precincts for 19 short years when the Arab League invaded, conquered, and occupied the Old City, ethnically cleansing the Jewish community from the area in 1948.

As evidence of Reuters propaganda campaign and systematic bias against Jewish interests, note how mendacious correspondent Allyn Fisher-Ilan characterizes the western portion of Jerusalem:
There were no immediate reports of any injuries or arrests in the protest that disrupted a section of predominantly Jewish populated western Jerusalem.
So you see, in Reuters Orwellian universe, the eastern portion of Jerusalem is a separate and distinct city sovereign to the Arabs ("Arab East Jerusalem") whereas the western portion of the city is merely "predominantly Jewish populated western Jerusalem".

No bias here.

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