Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Money (that's what they want)

In a transparent appeal to pity, Reuters correspondent Ali Sawafta cries us a river for the Palestinian Arabs who are facing a deep-freeze in US taxpayer funds totaling $200 million due to their decision to thumb their collective noses at a negotiated peace deal with Israel.

Sawafta's piece winds its way through all of the humanitarian projects that will allegedly suffer as a result of the cash shortfall including water infrastructure, medical training, and hospital equipment.  Nowhere in his story of course, does Sawafta mention that hundreds of millions of dollars in American aid has been funneled to paying the salaries of Hamas terrorists in Gaza or Palestinians doing time in Israeli prisons for murder.

And the Palestinians are clearly annoyed:
"Some parties in the Congress stood not only against the interests of the Palestinian people but also against any possibility of achieving growth for a people under occupation," Economy Minister Hassan Abu Libda said. 
"It was strange, and I expect the decision will be viewed negatively by Palestinian public opinion and it will influence the entire credibility of the United States," he added.
So, we've taken a special request for the Palestinians, courtesy of Barrett Strong.  Enjoy.

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