Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pigs fly: Reuters quotes Abbas claiming "Jerusalem" as Palestinian capital

We've devoted a great deal of ink here at RMEW noting Reuters persistent propaganda campaign to play down the Palestinians' demand that Jerusalem be wrestled away from Israel, via violence or political pressure, and made their own sovereign capital.  Reuters correspondents perennially conceal this Arab objective by referring to Jerusalem with the ahistorical misnomer "East Jerusalem", or worse, with the racist epithet, "Arab East Jerusalem", so as to suggest that there are actually two cities or that the Arabs really only want their fair share of the one city.

This charade on the part of Reuters is difficult to sustain when the Palestinians themselves, are so upfront about their strategic goals, frequently admitting they will not end hostilities until they control Jerusalem and its holy sites -- including Jewish holy sites.

In a story written or contributed to by practically the entire Jerusalem Bureau staff, Reuters finally comes clean:
Abbas is shunned by Hamas as pawn of Israel and its Western allies but has angered Israel and the United States by shunning long-stalled negotiations and seeking direct United Nations recognition of Palestinian statehood. He used the occasion to assure supporters: "You will see the results of your struggle in the independent state, with its capital Jerusalem."
The truth will out, but we're betting inclusion of that quote by Abbas was an oversight that will not soon be seen again in a Reuters story.


  1. Amana Mona, a Palestinian activist from the West Bank, was also released.

  2. You mean Amina Mona, the Palestinian woman who used the Internet to feign romance and lure an Israeli teenager to terrorists who slit his throat?