Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Deeply dishonest -- or dingbat?

Speaking of Reuters correspondent Allyn Fisher-Ilan, she is celebrating the American Thanksgiving holiday by penning one of her classic, I hate Israel polemics.  This one, about Israeli plans to resettle 30,000 of the country's Bedouin population from squalid living conditions in the Negev to communities nearby with housing and utilities, is an amusing attempt to paint Israel as engaging in "ethnic cleansing".

As the Elder of Ziyon website noted last week, the story, which was covered in similarly melodramatic fashion by Haaretz in October, is pure anti-Israel propaganda.  The fact is, the Bedouin being resettled do not own the land on which they are currently squatting and they are stealing both water and electricity.  In exchange for their nomadic wanderings and impoverished lifestyle, the Israeli government is offering them free housing, utilities, health care, and welfare benefits in developed communities.

The obvious question is whether Fisher-Ilan is deliberately obfuscating the facts here, or is she simply stupid?

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