Monday, November 14, 2011

Jeffrey Heller, Maayan Lubell have cappuccino together over the weekend, come up with new antisemitic campaign

It never ceases to amaze us how correspondents in Reuters Jerusalem Bureau appear to spend all of their time planning, researching, and writing antisemitic stories.  In what amounts to a carnival hall of distorted mirrors, the Reuters crew obsessively reflect only that which, in their view, is grotesque about Israel and its Jewish citizens.

Take for example, two stories published on the Reuters websites early this morning by Editor-in-Charge Jeffrey Heller and correspondent Maayan Lubell, respectively.  Heller's story is about a letter written by Israeli generals to Defense Minister Ehud Barak asking him to refrain from imposing Orthodox religious norms on Israeli soldiers that would tend to result in the exclusion of women from some combat units.

Lubell's 1,100+ word magnum opus reports on an issue near and dear to the hearts of Reuters pseudo-feminists like Lubell and Allyn Fisher-Ilan: gender segregation on Israeli buses.

Now, why do we call these stories antisemitic and refer to Lubell and Fisher-Ilan as pseudo-feminists?

Because while one can certainly debate the legal and ethical merits of incorporating religious sensibilities into civil law which foster gender inequalities, Reuters correspondents never call similar attention to Muslim practices in Israel and the Arab countries which are as, or even more, draconian. 

That's called the soft bigotry of low expectations.  It's also antisemitism.   

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