Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Amid Iran war of words, Palestinians are forgotten" -- but never by their patrons at Reuters

One can almost see Noah Browning's eyes welling up as he writes:
(Reuters) - A monumental wooden chair erected in Ramallah to symbolize the Palestinians' sought-after United Nations seat collapsed this week after months of wind and rain. Bulldozers quietly took away the shattered remains by night.
Its collapse and stealthy removal could well serve as an emblem of Palestinian hopes for statehood.  For the first time in years, meetings this week between U.S. and Israeli leaders were largely silent on the long-stalled peace process. Debate between Israel and Washington over a military strike on Iran knocked Israel-Palestinian peace talks to the bottom of Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu's agenda.
Yes dear; the world may have to wade through successive Iranian threats to incinerate six million Jews, another 7,500 people murdered in Syria, and perhaps three or four more savage Arab springs before finally turning its attention back to the apple of your eye, the Palestinians.

What will the 70+ propagandists in Reuters Jerusalem Bureau find to write about till then?  

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