Friday, March 2, 2012

Reuters recycles previous story on Iran; still censoring threats to exterminate the Jews

In a story virtually identical to that originally published on February 20, 2012, Reuters hardcore propagandist Alistair Lyon portrays recent Iranian threats as purely defensive:
In February Khamenei said sanctions would not alter Iran's nuclear course, military threats would "harm America" and any nation or group fighting Israel, thought to be the Middle East's only nuclear-armed power, would have Tehran's backing.
"In response to threats of oil embargo and war, we have our own threats to impose at the right time," he declared.
Khamenei has in the past denied that Iran seeks atomic bombs, saying: "It is against our Islamic thoughts."
Lyon is careful to censor other statements made or officially endorsed by Khamenei in February:
The Zionist regime is a cancerous tumor and it will be removed.
It is legally and morally justified to commit genocide and wipe Israel off the map.
What do they teach these guys at Reuters school?

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