Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More migrants killed by Egypt; more apologetics from Reuters

In an update to our post on Sunday about Egyptian police killing unarmed African migrants attempting to cross the Sinai border with Israel, Reuters reports today that another migrant was shot (in the back) and killed with two others wounded.  Continuing in its apologetic vein on behalf of Egypt:
Security forces say they only fire at migrants after repeated orders to stop are disregarded and that smugglers who ferry migrants to the border sometimes fire on security forces
Reuters once again seeks to guilefully shift blame for the Egyptian policy of "shoot to kill" to -- who else? -- Israel:
The Sinai border is a main transit route for African migrants and refugees seeking work or asylum in Israel. Egypt has come under pressure from Israel to staunch the flow, while rights groups complain about the methods of the border police.
Why is Reuters not referring to Egypt's "disproportionate force" on the border?

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