Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reuters in need of remedial math class

In a story on the Hamas "apology" for Israeli civilians killed in rocket attacks, Reuters correspondent Nidal al-Mughrabi, who frequently fails to get his facts straight, reports that:
Over 500 Israelis were killed in suicide bombings during a Palestinian uprising from 2000.
UPDATE: According to statistics compiled by the left-wing NGO B'tselem, over 1,000 Israelis were killed during the second Palestinian intifada, the vast majority in bombings.

UPDATE 3/16/10: A reader refers us to the website of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs which reports a lesser number of Israelis killed via suicide bombings: 542.  However, the total number of Israelis killed by Palestinian terrorism during the period is reported as 1,185 -- even higher than the B'tselem figure. Thus, it's a distinction without a difference.  By citing only suicide bombings, Reuters is willfully understating the number of Israelis killed during the intifada.

In other news, Reuters is also reporting that there are over 100 days in a year.


  1. I think you are mistaken. Please correct.
    Look at the second graph here. It is written quite clearly: