Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reuters ever the apologists for Palestinian violence

Reuters correspondent Dan Williams reports on a Palestinian Arab shot and killed by Israeli security forces when he (the Palestinian) tried to stab them:
Such incidents have abated as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas pursues a U.S.-backed law-and-order and economic revival drive in the West Bank... Many Palestinians remain bitter, however, about the absence of peace talks with Israel that might halt settlement expansion and lead to the creation of a Palestinian state.
If the Palestinians want peace talks, all they have to do is say "yes".

There's always a justification for Arab violence, isn't there?

UPDATE: Arutz Sheva provides further details on the incident:
On Friday evening, IDF soldiers in Hevron saw Faraj brandishing a knife, screaming anti-Israel epithets, and running in the direction of the troops. The soldiers called on him to stop, but Faraj refused to do so – and soldiers opened fire on him before he was able to carry out his attack, seriously injuring him. Local medics took the terrorist to a hospital in the city, where he died from his wounds. After the incident, Arabs began rioting, throwing stones at soldiers and Jewish residents of the city. Troops broke up the riot. 
And in the spirit of reconciliation, here's how the "moderate" Palestinian leadership responded:
Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has sent his condolences to the family of Fa'iz Faraj, the terrorist who was killed when he attempted to stab IDF soldiers in Hevron Friday evening. Fayyad called Faraj a "shaheed," a martyr to the cause of Islam. "I feel pain for all those killed by the occupying forces, especially those killed by the occupiers and settler terrorists," Fayyad wrote in his condolence note.

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