Saturday, August 27, 2011

The latest Reuters propaganda mantra: George Soros, "Holocaust Survivor"

Yesterday, we noted Reuters Editor-in-Charge Jeffrey Heller's characterization of the radical left-wing billionaire George Soros as a "Holocaust survivor".  We pointed out that by his own admission, Soros collaborated with the Nazis and felt absolutely no remorse about it.

Of course, technically, Soros did survive the Holocaust.  But then, so did millions of other Nazi collaborators.  Not to mention millions of Nazis.

"Holocaust survivor" carries a very specific connotation, one of a sympathetic victim of Nazi persecution and death camps, who, by virtue of heroic action, random chance or sheer strength of will, managed to survive the systematic campaign to exterminate Europe's Jews.  We wouldn't place Nazi collaborators in the same category, particularly unrepentant ones, and we don't think many historians or linguists would do so either.

But a propagandistic outfit, looking to exploit nearly universal sympathy for genuine Holocaust survivors, might deliberately mischaracterize someone it is seeking to insulate from criticism as a "Holocaust survivor".

Reuters continues in that vein yesterday with another story on Glen Beck's visit to Israel written by Lucas Shaw and apparently drawn from the website  Formatted like a standard Reuters news article but reading like an attack piece, Shaw lashes out at Beck for a comment the latter apparently made about Jews or Israelis during his radio show:
But his [Beck's] love for Jews seems to vanish when they open their mouths -- which led him to make some remarks that will undoubtedly be interpreted as anti-Semitic.
Beck, who recently hosted a "Restoring Courage" rally in Israel, said on his radio show Thursday that Jews drive him crazy when they talk over one another.
"They're constantly talking! I don't know how that society even functions," Beck said.
He then compared them to members of a family of eight constantly interrupting one another at dinner [...] 
Yet he has also earned the ire of Jewish groups for his Nazi references and for his crusade against George Soros, a Holocaust survivor.
While we don't think Beck's remark reflected any malice toward Jews or Israelis, it's obvious that Shaw, Reuters, or both, are trying very hard to make it appear that Beck is antisemitic.  Clearly, Beck has become a target grande for those on the left who seek to divide Jewish opinion and fell popular figures who support Israel.

And note the sly use of propagandistic language: Beck's "crusade" (against a Jew) and once again, the mantra of "Holocaust survivor", intended to shelter Soros.


  1. Soros was not a true Holocaust survivor, but his mind may have been affected by the Holocaust. Scope his shady past free anytime with the Historyscoper and see how deep his rabbit hole goes:

  2. "...Jews drive him crazy when they talk over one another. "They're constantly talking! I don't know how that society even functions," Beck said."

    Is that supposed to be construed as antisemitic? Everyone knows it's true!