Monday, August 15, 2011

This is what happens when you spend too much time in the Muslim Middle East

Reuters Middle East correspondents really need to get out more.  Some have spent so much time living and working in the region and being exposed to Arab and Iranian propaganda on a daily basis, they have become little more than useful idiots for these regimes and "the street".

Take for example, Reuters correspondent Robin Pomeroy who, when she's not fatuously suggesting Iran provides only "moral support" for Hamas, is dutifully parroting Iranian euphemisms and political rhetoric:
(Reuters) - Beset by civil unrest at home and lambasted by the West and his Arab neighbors for his violent crackdown on dissent, Syria's President Bashar al-Assad can count on one firm ally: Iran.
In a country that knows a thing or two about diplomatic isolation, Iran's politicians and media describe the Damascus government as an outpost of resistance to Israel that has been set upon by Washington and its lackeys in the region.
Although Pomeroy is presumably citing Iran's politicians and media, note how she employs (sans quotation marks) the sanitized and Arab-ethnocentric term resistance to characterize Syria's many wars and support for terror groups in the region whose aims are the eradication of Israel and wholesale slaughter of the Jews.  She then refers to "Washington and its lackeys", again without quotation marks, betraying her own skewed view of politics in the region. 

Perhaps Reuters ought to offer Pomeroy a beat in Southern Sudan so she can see, up-close and personal, the effects of Muslim "resistance" and the "lackey" response to it.

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