Saturday, January 28, 2012

Positioning propaganda

Reuters correspondents Ali Sawaftah and Sami Aboudi inform us that Israeli-Palestinian talks ended with no progress this week.  And the purported reason for that failure, according to the Palestinians, is positioned prominently in the third paragraph of the story:
"The Israelis brought nothing new in these meetings," said one Palestinian official familiar with the talks. "We are now going to assess our options and will consult our brothers in the Arab League on February 4."
As for the Israeli position on the stalemate... uh, well, readers have to wait until paragraphs 10 through 12 in the story to obtain that bit of information.  And when it is finally dosed by Reuters, it's laced with propaganda:
Peace talks foundered in late 2010 with Palestinians demanding that Israel suspend settlement building in the occupied West Bank, including Arab East Jerusalem.
Abbas also demanded that Israel agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state on all lands occupied in the 1967 Middle East war before resuming negotiations.
Israel has rejected both demands and said it was ready to resume negotiations immediately with no preconditions.
So you see, the Palestinian Arabs are merely demanding that Israel suspend settlement building on their land, which is obviously their land because after all, it's "occupied" and includes "Arab East Jerusalem", the racist fiction perpetuated by Reuters in over 500 stories since 2007 and beyond.

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