Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reuters finally admits everyone hates the Jews

After years of obfuscating and denying, Reuters is finally on-board the reality wagon that Iran has a long history of supporting Hamas with money and weapons:
Hamas, founded in 1987 and regarded by Israel and the West as a terrorist organization, has long been backed by Iran, a strong ally of Syria's Assad. But funding has apparently stalled in the past four months, the diplomat said.
"Iran used to give $250 million to $300 million to Hamas but there have been interruptions in the payments in past year. Our understanding is that there has been no payment since August 2011," he said.
The agency wasn't quite so forthcoming here, here, here, and here

In the topsy-turvy world of Middle Eastern religio-politics, we have the Shi'ite regime (Mullahs) in Iran supporting the Alawite regime (Assad) in Syria and the Sunni regime (Hamas) in Gaza, the latter of which is also supported by the Sunni regime (Muslim Brotherhood) in Egypt, which is warming to the Shi'ite regime (Mullahs again) in Iran.

All of course, are united in their genocidal hatred of the Jews.

Well after all, "International Brotherhood Week" is coming in February.

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  1. "Hamas, founded in 1987 and regarded by Israel and the West as a terrorist organization..."

    Reuters tries to achieve multiple goals by this sneaky phrasing:

    1. Hamas is only "regarded" as a terrorist organisation, nothing legally binding;
    2. "West" is an amorphous and non-specific term, much less poignant and memorable than say "European Union" or the "US"
    3. Israel is not included in the "West"!