Monday, June 14, 2010

The news agency that couldn't shoot straight

Reuters correspondent Robin Pomeroy, whose crafty phrasing and systematic bias were examined here, has another go of it in a story on Iranian ships headed for Gaza:
While Israel has long suspected Iran, which rejects the Jewish state's right to exist, of supplying weapons to Hamas, Tehran says it only provides moral support to the group.
Er, no.  Pomeroy appears to be lifting some broken Reuters boilerplate which we debunked last January.  To be clear, Iran has admitted funding Hamas -- to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars:
Since Hamas’ January 2006 electoral victory, funding has increased significantly. In April 2006, Iran pledged $50 million in aid to Hamas.[22] In November 2006, Iran donated $120 million to Hamas.[23] In December 2006, Iran pledged an additional $250 million to the terrorist organization.[24] In May 2008, Iran promised another $150 million to Hamas for the second half of 2008.[25]
And then there are those pesky Iranian Grad missiles that keep raining down on Israeli doorsteps:
In the past two-and-a-half years, dozens of Iranian-manufactured Grad rockets and mortar shells have been launched from Gaza at areas in Israel’s western Negev region and the city of Ashkelon.[29]
"Moral support".

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