Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reuters repeats lie that Gaza is facing humanitarian crisis

Repetition is a classic propaganda technique designed to lead the reader to an hypnotically-induced acceptance of the propagandist's message.  Repetition combined with mendacity has potentially catastrophic consequences as millions of people can be led to believe, and react to, malicious disinformation and calumnies.  Joseph Goebbels understood this -- as does Reuters.

In a story on US Vice-President Joe Biden commenting on the Gaza flotilla incident, Reuters correspondent Ross Colvin repeats the Big Lie:
The United Nations says the blockade has led to a humanitarian crisis among the territory's 1.5 million people.
No.  The United Nations has said just the opposite.  Viewed objectively as well, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

UPDATE 2:15 PM: Reuters Bureau Chief Alastair Macdonald and Editor-in-charge Jeffrey Heller repeat the lie in another story here.

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