Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reuters reports flotilla passengers "humiliated" by Israeli marines, i.e., had their cell phones taken

In its zealous efforts to discredit Israel's maritime operation to stop the Gaza flotilla, Reuters is unwittingly destroying any modicum of credibility held by the "activists" on board -- as well as that of its own correspondents.  In its latest story on the incident (now more than 100 at last count), Reuters reporter Lamine Chikhi quotes Algerian Ahmed Brahimi accusing the Israel Defense Forces of "humiliating" the passengers:
"(They) seized our cell phones, did not allow us to use the lavatory..., our hands were tied up, and some of us were placed on our stomachs."
Well, given the assortment of pipes, chains, wrenches, knives, poles, and sticks stockpiled by the "activists" and used to beat and bloody the Israeli marines, we can't imagine why they would be deferred rights to the Head.

Then there's this bald-faced lie:
"We were not armed. We did not go there to fight," Brahimi, who said he was the coordinator of the Algerian contingent on board the convoy's ships, told Reuters by telephone from Jordan soon after he was deported from Israel.

And this:
"We were doing our morning prayer when the Israelis first tried to come on board the Marmara ship," he said.
Yes, we understand that prayer recalled Muhammad's murder of the Jews in Khaibar in 629 AD:

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