Friday, June 25, 2010

The Championship matches are on; Reuters has cameras trained on only one player

Yesterday, 12 mortars were fired at Israel by Palestinians in Gaza.  What, you say?  You didn't hear about it?  Well, neither did we until we turned to Reuters website today and read something fuzzy about it four paragraphs down in a story that led:
Israeli air strikes kill two in Gaza - Palestinians
You see, that was Israel's reply to the 12 mortars launched by Palestinians yesterday that didn't get reported by Reuters that you and we didn't hear about.  But as usual, whereas Reuters ignores the precipitating Palestinian attack, the agency leaps to report on the Israeli response.  And so it goes... the one-sided match, leaving the average observer furious with those rapacious Israelis who prey -- relentlessly, remorselessly -- on those piteous Palestinians.

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