Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An attempt to edit out the truth

Reuters runs a video story on the mutual recriminations between Israel and the flotilla passengers, each side blaming the other for the violence.  Watching the video, two things stand out: first, while Reuters shows some footage (14 seconds in total) taken by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) of the passengers holding batons or poles and beating the Israeli marines, the footage has been carefully edited down from over a minute of much more graphic video here:

Apart from the captions and highlight circles added by the IDF, it's clear that Reuters editing guts important details from the scene which otherwise provide a much more explicit and conclusive record of events.

The second item of note is of course, the mendacity or obliviousness of passenger and Israeli Arab MK Haneen Zuabi when she attests:
"All of us didn't hold anything in our hands; there was no weapons; nothing at all"
Even Reuters eviscerating editing can't salvage that testimony.

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