Saturday, June 5, 2010

Biased headline of the week

With material drawn from The Guardian newspaper, Reuters trumpets:
Autopsy shows Gaza activists were shot 30 times
Er, that's a total of 30 times across all nine killed.  And while Reuters conveys comprehensive details of the location of the gunshot wounds and estimated firing distance:
A 19-year-old, named as Fulkan Dogan, who also has US citizenship, was shot five times from less than 45cm away, in the face, the back of the head, twice in the leg and once in the back...
the news agency conveniently omits the The Guardian's conclusion based on the report from the chair of Turkey's council of forensic medicine (ATK), Dr Haluk Ince:
The results also reveal how close the fighting was.
which is entirely consistent with the video evidence showing Israeli marines being set upon from all directions by over a dozen of those flotilla "activists" with knives, pipes, chains, and clubs.

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