Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jordan to go nuclear. Reuters reports on... Queen Noor's concern over nuclear proliferation

The Wall Street Journal reports that Jordan is aggressively pursuing a nuclear power program assisted by various countries including the United States.  While Jordan claims that the program will be solely to generate electricity and is negotiating to acquire the needed technology from abroad, the kingdom insists on producing enriched uranium within its own borders, a condition which worries the US:
But U.S. negotiators are unwavering in their insistence that Amman commit to purchasing its reactor fuel from the international market to guard against its potential internal diversion for military purposes. Iran's insistence on producing its own nuclear fuel stands at the center of its current conflict with the West.

U.S. officials argue if Jordan doesn't surrender its rights to produce fuel, it raises proliferation risks. Countries with the complete nuclear fuel cycle -- from mining uranium to processing it into fuel -- can convert their civilian plants for military applications. Under terms of the U.S. agreement, Jordan could mine the ore but not convert it into fuel for nuclear power.
Reuters doesn't cover this significant story but does report on Jordan's Queen Noor in Hollywood to discuss a new documentary film about... the dangers of nuclear proliferation:
Queen Noor, the widow of King Hussein of Jordan, sat down with a small group of reporters at a private luncheon on Friday to discuss the documentary, "Countdown to Zero" about nuclear bomb proliferation, which hits U.S. theaters in July.
As founding leader of Global Zero, a movement aimed at phasing out nuclear weapons around the world, Queen Noor served as a special consultant on the film in her first foray into Hollywood moviemaking.
Note how Queen Noor performs public relations for her country, cleverly inserting herself into the anti-nuclear movement popular with the chattering classes in the West, while her son contributes to the risk of nuclear proliferation by pursuing nuclear power and insisting on control over the complete nuclear fuel cycle.

And by providing free fawning publicity to Noor in Hollywood while censoring news of Jordan's nuclear activities, Reuters participates in the charade.

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