Monday, June 28, 2010

Fauxtography or... shucks, we forgot the caption

On its Axismundi Jerusalem site, Reuters runs an abridged version of a story published on its main site about the Armenian Quarter in Jerusalem.  Here's the photo appearing at the top of the former story:

Ah yes, it's an Armenian priest pleading with one of those brutish IDF soldiers who is obviously roughing him up.  It's not until the last line of the story (on the following page) that Reuters comes clean:
While the rich diversity of Christian worship in the city is a joy to many, scenes of armed Israeli police and troops having to pull rival priests, notably Greeks and Armenians, off each other within feet of Jesus’s tomb in recent times have done little to burnish the kind of ecumenism many church leaders preach.
By that time of course, most readers have either fallen asleep or logged off in disgust at the sight of those barbarous Israelis.

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