Friday, January 13, 2012

Reuters quotes former KGB-head: no proof Iran near nuclear weapons

Filed under, "Well Then It Must Be True", Reuters uses an interview with former KGB-head and Putin buddy Nikolai Patrushev to peddle the fatuous notion that there is no independent evidence of Iran being close to acquiring nuclear weapons:
Iran says its nuclear programme is peaceful while Western powers believe it has military aims. Israel, which sees an Iranian atom bomb as a threat to its existence, is willing to attack Iranian nuclear sites with or without U.S. backing.
However, Patrushev said there was still no proof that Iran was on the brink of creating nuclear weapons.
"Talk about Iran creating an atomic bomb by next week we have heard for many years," he said, adding that the United States was trying to topple the Iran's leadership using "all available means" to make the country into "a loyal partner".
Russia, the world's biggest energy producer, opposes further U.N. Security Council sanctions over Tehran's nuclear programme and has sharply criticised U.S. and European Union sanctions.
Again, note how Reuters disappears any trace of the United Nations IAEA reports on Iran's nuclear weapons program, framing the situation as merely a he said/she said between Iran and "Western powers" with Israel as the spoiler.

What do they teach these guys at Reuters School?

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