Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reuters "trenchant" analysis

In a story on the latest meeting between Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and US envoy George Mitchell, Jeffrey Heller is interpreting body language:

"A photo opportunity at the start of the meeting appeared to speak volumes. After a stiff handshake for the media, Netanyahu turned his back on Mitchell with scarcely a word and strode into his office, leaving Obama's envoy to follow behind."

We'd be speculating of course, but perhaps the Israeli PM had politely suggested that Mitchell follow him into his office. Nah! That would be just so jejune for Reuters.

Heller can barely conceal his contempt for Netanyahu:

"Mitchell has been trying to work out a deal with a defiant Netanyahu over Washington's demand that he halt construction in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank."

Yes, Benjamin Netanyahu is just a rebellious teenager audaciously defying the will of The President of the United States of America while the Palestinian Arabs (who have refused to even talk to the Israelis) are maturely setting conditions:

"Abbas has made a resumption of peace negotiations with Israel, suspended since December, conditional on halting settlement activity as stipulated by a U.S.-backed 2003 peace "road map" charting a course toward Palestinian statehood."

No word from Reuters on how well the Palestinians are doing in meeting their stipulated obligations in the Road Map.


"Obama also wants Arab nations to take steps toward recognising Israel. They have so far expressed reluctance."

Uh-huh, "reluctance".

Heller finishes with the usual flurry of Reuters boilerplate falsehoods: "Arab East Jerusalem"; "illegal settlements"; yada-yada et al.

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