Sunday, September 6, 2009

Peace talks impasse: Reuters absolves Palestinians

When someone has the power to do something but chooses not to and then abdicates responsibility for his decision, we may hear him say he "cannot" when the truth is, he will not.

"I cannot get up in the morning."
"I cannot stop overeating."
"I cannot stop beating my wife."

You get the idea.

In our previous post, Reuters blames Israel for talks impasse, we noted that while Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly offered to resume peace talks with the Palestinians, PA president Mahmoud Abbas has refused, adopting as an excuse, Israel's decision to resist a complete moratorium on settlement-building. Reuters of course, sides with Abbas.

In an article today, Jeffrey Heller of Reuters continues as apologist for the Palestinians:

"The settlement issue is a major obstacle in the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process... Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said peace talks suspended since December and which Washington seeks to restart, cannot resume without a [settlement] freeze."

There's that slippery "cannot" again.

Now imagine if Netanyahu refused to engage in negotiations and similarly abdicated responsibility for his rejectionism. "Peace talks cannot resume without...

... Arab governments agreeing to cease their funding of illegal construction in Jerusalem.

... Arab governments agreeing to end their boycott of Israel.

... Arab governments agreeing to full diplomatic relations with Israel.

... The Palestinian Authority dismantling all terrorist infrastructure.

... The Palestinian Authority ending all incitement against Israel.

... The PLO and Fatah renouncing their Charters to liquidate Israel."

Would Reuters uncritically adopt and promote Israel's rationale for refusing negotiations? Somehow, we think not.

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