Saturday, September 5, 2009

Reuters: violence is only violence when Israel defends

In a story today about the death of a Palestinian teenager in Gaza, Reuters wants us to know that:

"Israeli-Palestinian violence in the Hamas-controlled enclave has been minimal since Israel ended a military offensive there in January."

There have of course, been over 200 Palestinian rockets and mortars fired at Israel since that time, but who's counting? Clearly not Reuters.

Thanks to Elder of Ziyon, who is (counting).


  1. Reuters also forgot the Palestinians killer or maimed by Hamas after the Israeli military operation, accused of being collaborators.

  2. how many rockets have been fired into the Gaza strip by the IDF, and how many innocent palestinians have been killed?
    Who's counting.

  3. palestinian violence is in the service of what the world regards as a legitimate purpose, to end the occupation, israeli violence is in the service of a illegitimate purpose, its purpetuation