Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What's missing from this list?

Food, cement, medicine, cattle, sheep, refrigerators. No sign of weapons smuggling, apparently. And this coming from a Reuters photojournalist who was close enough to snap the more attractive end of the cow.

(Where is the outrage from PETA?)

UPDATE: The Reuters stringer responsible for the pics and story linked above is none other than Suhaib Salem, arrested on suspicion of terrorism by Israel in 2002 (for having a hand grenade in his car) and brother to Salah Salem who was one of the men involved in the kidnapping and killing of Israeli soldier Cpl. Nachson Waxman in 1994. Tom Gross notes that Reuters' report on the matter failed to mention the hand grenade. Must have been an oversight.

Seven years on and it's still a beautiful friendship between Salem and Reuters.

UPDATE II: Here's a report from CAMERA in 2001 discussing a Salem photo and accompanying caption distributed by Reuters (scroll down to bottom). The photo depicts a Palestinian woman tossing bullet shell casings in the air; the Reuters caption dubiously refers to "empty Israeli bullet shells inside her house" followed by the incongruous, "five Palestinian families said this week that they are homeless after Israeli army forces demolished their houses in Rafah". CAMERA rightly questioned why Israeli troops would be firing from within a Palestinian house. Reuters refused to correct the error.

With Hamas boasting about replenishing their arsenal of rockets and other weapons following the war with Israel last January, is it credible that Salem would not have witnessed evidence of weapons smuggling during his time in the tunnels?


  1. Here is one you missed


    "Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian in West Bank"

    Body of story

    "An Israeli military spokeswoman said soldiers shot the 17-year-old late on Monday after he threw a firebomb at a guard post "

    Woops, guess the headline writer forgot to mention the fire bomb.

  2. Forgot link