Monday, March 15, 2010

Error of omission

Reporting on the Israel Defense Force (IDF) decision to limit access to the villages of Bilin and Nilin so as to discourage violent protests against the Israeli security barrier, Reuters correspondents Dan Williams and Tom Perry quote Jonathan Pollak, "an Israeli who coordinates anti-barrier protests":
Protesters do not see this decree as legitimate, but it could be a sign of heightened pressure on the popular resistance than we've seen so far.
Readers would have a more complete and balanced perspective on the forces at work inciting violence in these villages if Williams and Perry were more forthcoming on Pollak's background:
Jonathan Pollak (1982-) is an Israeli anarchist and graphic designer who grew up in Tel Aviv and lives in Jaffa. Pollak was amongst the founders of the radical Israeli group Anarchists Against the Wall which is one of the most active and militant groups of the Israeli radical left. Previous to the formation of "Anarchists Against the Wall" Pollak lived for some time in a squatter community at Amsterdam and participated in sometimes wild demonstrations against globalization and against the Dutch Royal Family which eventually resulted in his being arrested and deported from the Netherlands... Pollak was one of the first Israelis to join Palestinians in the Al-Aqsa Intifada.
A little bit of information goes a long way.

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