Thursday, March 25, 2010

Racism, thy name is Reuters

In another fallacious "FACTBOX" -- this on Jerusalem -- Reuters first glosses over history:
As Britain prepared to quit, the United Nations proposed international rule for the city in 1947 as a "corpus separatum". That proposal was overtaken by fighting that left Israel holding West Jerusalem in 1948 and Jordanian forces in East Jerusalem. Israel then took the rest in the Six Day War of 1967.
Ah yes, the proposal was "overtaken by fighting".  Correspondent Ori Lewis and his editor Alastair Macdonald appear to have no idea precisely how Israel ended up controlling the western portion of Jerusalem so perhaps a primer is in order.  Needless to say, the failure of five invading Arab armies to exterminate the nascent Jewish state might have had something to do with it.

Reuters then reverts to its constitutional racism:
After Israeli forces captured Arab East Jerusalem, including the Old City with its sacred sites, from Jordan in 1967, Israel annexed it and declared all of the city its "eternal and indivisible capital" -- a move not recognised internationally.
We have previously written about Reuters' racism.  The term "Arab East Jerusalem" originated after the Arab Legion ethnically cleansed the Jewish community from Jerusalem in 1948 -- a community which had existed for three millennia and represented the majority ethnic group from the 19th century.  Reuters willfully adopts the Arab name for the sector of the city, endorsing that act of ethnic cleansing and expunging Jewish history in Jerusalem prior to 1967.

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