Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hypocrisy, thy name is Reuters

Allyn Fisher-Ilan of Reuters has an interesting eccentricity.  When reporting on a matter being considered by the Israeli Supreme/High Court or a ruling where the action taken by the Court comports with her own anti-Israel views, the Court is clearly identified in the story with Justices named and often quoted.  On the other hand, when the Supreme Court rules in favor of Israeli Jews, Fisher-Ilan does her best to demote the Court to a subordinate and typically anonymous status:
Sheikh Jarrah has become a flashpoint of tension in the city since last year when Israel evicted several families descended from Palestinian refugees after an Israeli court found for Jewish families claiming ownership of these properties.
Er, yes, that was a decision by the Israel Supreme Court.  As we have noted in the past, for Reuters correspondents, the law is an ass when it disagrees (with their Arabist sympathies).


  1. so if I'm to understand correctly, the people in charge of this super- intelligent Media Watch stuff (ie- you guys) are all Israeli citizens supporting the settlements?
    wow you guys are objective!
    not to mention credible since you provide so much information about yourselves and your purpose in life.
    this is truly invaluable !

  2. Sorry, we're not Israeli citizens; nice try though. We'll let our work be judged on its merits. Any legitimate criticism of our content or just ad hominems? We thought so.