Monday, September 27, 2010

Palestinian Arabs show racist colors; Reuters concurs

Reuters is so entrenched in the Arab narrative and such a prolific disseminator of that narrative, that the agency's correspondents have completely lost their ability to view or report on the conflict with the neutrality demanded of them by professional journalistic ethics and the Reuters Trust Principles.

Take for example, this piece by Reuters serial liar and historical revisionist Tom Perry.  Employing the human interest story format, Perry interviews and parrots Palestinian Abu Haykel who lives in the ancient city of Hebron. The area is home to the Tomb of the Patriarchs, the burial site of the founding fathers of Judaism: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and represents the second holiest worshiping site for Jews next to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  There was a Jewish community in Hebron for more than three-thousand years before Arab riots and massacres in the 1920s eradicated it.  But we digress...

Correspondent Perry, who first joined Reuters Jerusalem Bureau last November and never pens human interest stories about Jews, tells us that Abu Haykel has had his life made "almost unliveable" by Israeli "soldiers and settlers, who first arrived on his street in 1984".  Note here how Perry alludes to Israelis (Jews) in Hebron as newcomers and interlopers when in reality, the city was founded by Jews over three millennium ago.  One has to read over halfway through Perry's story before the propagandist finally gets around to mentioning the 1929 massacre that resulted in the murder of 67 Jews and ethnic cleansing of the entire community.

Exercising their legal rights under the Hebron Agreement signed by the Palestinian Authority -- not solely a "Biblical right" as suggested by Perry -- Jews are again living in the city.   Yet, irrational and unremitting Arab hostility toward Jewish self-determination accompanied by regular violence intended to replicate the effects of the 1929 massacre have necessitated the security measures Haykel and Perry find so onerous.

Ignoring the fact that 1.5 million mostly Muslim Arabs live across Israel as full citizens with security and human rights guaranteed by the Israeli government, Perry simply rationalizes that Arab hostility, reflexive antisemitism, and refusal to countenance Jews in their midst:
The growth of settlements across the West Bank has made even committed believers in the "two-state solution" skeptical about whether it is achievable any more... 
"To be frank, I don't even contemplate the idea of a Palestinian state," said Abu Haykel. "What kind of state would it be when you've got settlements [Jews] in the middle of it?"

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