Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reuters, the anti-multiculturalists

Curious.  We thought Reuters was, as per its website, "the world's largest international multimedia news agency..." implying a company without borders and without provincial biases.  Every once in a while however, Reuters correspondents let the mask slip and we catch a glimpse of their cultural biases and the cultural biases of their audience.  Take for example, this soft news item from Khaled Yacoub Oweis about a provocative Syrian television series:
Anzour's work in recent years has focused on religious themes, including a defense of Islam in "The ceiling of the universe," following the outrage over a Danish newspaper cartoons depicting the Prophet. In "Passers by," he described how Arab emigrants in Western societies could turn to violence.
Now perhaps Oweis simply inadvertently omitted the name of "the Prophet" he had in mind.  Or perhaps he feels he need not identify "the Prophet" because in his view and in the view of his audience, it should be obvious to whom he is referring.  Or perhaps he doesn't want to use the "M"-word for fear of offending his audience.  Or perhaps Oweis wants us to know in a subtle way, that there is only one Prophet of importance.

We wonder: would Oweis (or any Reuters correspondent) have referred to Moses in a similar vein or to Jesus as "the Messiah"?

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