Monday, September 20, 2010

"The United States and its allies"

Reuters consistently frames the altercation over Iran's nuclear program as one of undemonstrated claims by the United States (or the amorphous "West") and denials by Iran.  Per Reuters, the US accuses Iran of pursuing nuclear weapons and Iran says it is simply pursuing nuclear power for electricity generation:
The U.N. Security Council has imposed four rounds of sanctions against Tehran for refusing to suspend sensitive parts of its nuclear work that the United States and its allies suspect is aimed at developing weapons.  
Iran denies this and refuses to halt its uranium enrichment program.
Whereas Reuters is normally quick to cite the United Nations in any global dispute as the arbiter of record, in this dispute (according to Reuters), the UN has no view on whether Iran is developing nuclear weapons and is acting only as handmaiden for the US and its allies to punish Iran. 

Of course, this is a serious distortion of the facts as the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has itself uncovered and reported on extensive evidence that Iran is working feverishly to obtain the bomb.

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