Sunday, January 23, 2011

Might as well face it: you're addicted to lies

The Turkel Commission has released a 296-page report on the Gaza flotilla incident last May and found that Israel's actions were in accordance with international law.  Amongst other interesting findings, the panel, which included David Trimble, notes (page 180) the following about the Turkish ship where the violence occurred:
It should be noted that during the searches conducted on the Mavi Marmara, no humanitarian supplies were found.
Of course, this is still not sufficient to deter Reuters from repeating a mendacious propaganda mantra the agency has become fond of employing in (at current count) 278 280 retellings of the incident published on its website:
(Reuters) - An Israeli inquiry cleared the government and military on Sunday of wrongdoing in the bloody seizure of a Turkish aid ship that tried to breach the Gaza blockade, saying passengers were to blame for the violence.
In a caption under a photo of the Mavi Marmara, Reuters repeats the lie:
Turkish cruise ship Mavi Marmara, carrying pro-Palestinian activists and humanitarian aid to Gaza, leaves from Sarayburnu port in Istanbul May 22, 2010.
In his story, correspondent Dan Williams also employs the propaganda technique of card stacking, deliberately withholding from readers the group identity, history, and associations of the jihadists "activists" participating in the violence on-board the ship.

Can't have the audience knowing too many of the facts, can we Dan?

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