Monday, January 24, 2011

Reuters spin on leaked Israeli-Palestinian negotiations

Oh, let's get straight to the point: Reuters is an Arab advocacy media machine, the largest in the world, firmly in the Palestinian Arab camp, and hostile to Jewish nationalism.  The agency's correspondents have proven time and time again that they will distort, suppress, and lie about the facts when these don't support their politics, fabricate facts when they think they can get away with it, employ every imaginable propaganda device to manipulate and deceive their audience, and happily violate their employer's corporate governance Charter and Handbook of ethical guidelines in order to advance their collective agenda.

Reuters is very concerned that the Palestinian Arabs have been unable to coerce Israel -- via war, terrorism, and political pressure -- into submitting to a 23rd Arab-Muslim state, sworn to Israel's destruction, and in control of the Jews' 3,500-year-old capital and holy sites.  So, the agency has stationed over 70 correspondents, editors, photographers, and managers in Jerusalem tasked with exploiting Reuters immense distribution network to disseminate its pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel message.

The latest chapter in that campaign is the spin associated with the publication by Al Jazeera yesterday of leaked documents purporting to reflect negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs over a ten-year period.  Reuters' predictable, and coordinated, position on these documents -- here, here, here, here, here, and here -- is that the Palestinians were willing to make great concessions to Israel for the sake of peace and that these concessions went unrequited by Israel.

That these "concessions" centered on the Palestinians "permitting" Israel to keep Jewish neighborhoods in the eastern portion of Jerusalem in a peace deal, something every Israeli government, every US administration, and the Palestinians themselves have previously acknowledged would have to occur for Israel to submit to a Palestinian state, doesn't appear to have entered into Reuters' calculations.  This is particularly the case for two of Reuters most egregious perpetrators, Tom Perry and Crispian Balmer:
Equally sobering for the Palestinian people, who want to create a state on land Israel seized in a 1967 war, is the fact that Israel offered nothing in return for the concessions and turned down their offer, saying it did not go far enough.
Only in the Orwellian world of Reuters Jerusalem Bureau could suing for peace and surrendering land to an aggressor which has repeatedly tried, and failed, to destroy the victor's country -- something no other prevailing nation has ever done, been asked to do, or would ever do -- be considered offering "nothing in return".

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