Friday, January 14, 2011

Serial liar and racist Tom Perry back from his holiday

Reuters correspondent Tom Perry is back from an extended holiday and obviously feeling reinvigorated, he returns to his long tradition of lies and racism targeting the Jews of Israel.  In a story about Arab businessmen investing in Jerusalem, Perry sycophantically parrots Reuters' deep-pocketed Arab clientele, referring to the eastern portion of Jerusalem, the Old City where Jews were ethnically cleansed by the Arab Legion following Israel's War of Independence in 1948, with the ahistorical and racist misnomer "Arab East Jerusalem".  This, in a transparent bid to displace and reassign ownership of Jerusalem, a city built by the Jews and only ever sovereign to a Jewish state, to the descendants of Arab invaders and colonizers.

Perry next compares the business and economic climate in the Palestinian capital of Ramallah with that of Jerusalem:
For many, it has been easier to invest in Ramallah, the nearby West Bank city governed by the Palestinian Authority. Lower taxes and cheaper labor add to the business case. Ramallah is booming, thanks largely to Western donor support.  By contrast, economic life in East Jerusalem's walled old city and nearby Arab districts, home to some 350,000 Palestinians, has been suffocated by the impact of the barrier built by Israel during the last Intifada, or uprising.
Perry is lying here, inflating the Arab population of greater Jerusalem by 40 percent and asserting that the economy in the eastern portion of the city has been "suffocated" by the security fence, built by Israel to prevent Palestinian suicide bombers from reaching the civilian population.  In fact, Jewish districts in eastern Jerusalem lag the country in economic growth as well and the percentage of Arab households with employed persons (76.1%) is actually higher than that of Jewish households (66.8%).  The relatively high rate of unemployment and poverty in Jerusalem is due to a multitude of complex factors, not the least of which is the large Haredi population in the city, 70 percent of whom choose religious studies over work.  And of course, if the Palestinian Arabs wish for Israel to remove the security barrier, they simply have to choose peace over terror.

Having embraced the Arab-designated name for the eastern portion of Jerusalem in violation of the Reuters Handbook of Journalism, Perry then embraces Adnan al-Husseini as the "Palestinian Authority-appointed governor of Jerusalem":
"Jerusalem should not just be the focus of songs and poetry. Today, Jerusalem is about work. People who want to protect Jerusalem must work in it. Israel is working hand over fist and putting in billions. The Arab nation must spend more," he said.
Al-Husseini is actually not the "governor" of Jerusalem, but rather Palestinian president-for-life Mahmoud Abbas' adviser on Jerusalem affairs.  And although Perry uncritically parrots Husseini suggesting that only Israel is investing heavily in Jerusalem, in fact, the "Arab nation" is quite active in that regard, having poured hundreds of million of dollars into illegal construction.

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