Monday, May 9, 2011

Execrable card stacking

The last we visited with Reuters correspondent Louis Charbonneau, he was fabricating a statement by President Barack Obama to the effect that "Israeli settlements in territories it captured in a 1967 war are illegal".  Obama had not said this.

Charbonneau returns with a story about U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urging Israel to continue transferring tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority despite its new unity pact with Hamas, the terrorist group formally committed in word and deed to the annihilation of a U.N. member state (Israel) and the murder of every Jew in the region.

Does Charbonneau report any of the above so as to provide context for Israel's decision to freeze money transfers to the Palestinian government?  No.  He withholds all of that essential detail in favor of 12 lonely words:
Israel has condemned the unity pact as a "tremendous blow to peace."
Why is that Louis?  We haven't a clue.

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