Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Israel-hating radical left quotes the Israel-hating radical left

When a purportedly impartial reporter wants to publicly advance her personal ideology, the way to go about it, without risking her career, is to let others who share that ideology do the talking in her stories.

So it is with admitted radical leftist and Reuters correspondent Allyn Fisher-Ilan who interviews Jeremy Ben-Ami, director of the radical-left lobbying group, J Street:
Ben-Ami said he feared Netanyahu's labeling of a reconciliation pact between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah group and rival Hamas Islamists as a blow to peace may only further damage already-frozen diplomacy.
"I think now in the wake of the reconciliation there's a possibility that his whole case to the Congress might be ... not putting anything on the table," Ben-Ami said.
"In our meetings here we are urging, from our perspective, that the prime minister's initiative should be a serious plan," he said, adding that he thought Israel should wait to see the policies of a new Palestinian government before condemning it.
Ben-Ami said Netanyahu ought to present a deal along lines agreed in past years of negotiations, including proposed land swaps in exchange for settlement blocs Israel would keep.
"Put a proposal on the table that meets a bar of credibility, not a provisional state on 30 or 40 percent of the land, but a real state, and let them decide if they're serious about peace or not," Ben-Ami said.
J Street directors are on record as stating that if the Arabs will not accept a Jewish sovereign in the Middle East, perhaps it would be best if Israel did not exist:

Quite what one would expect coming from a group which suggests that Israel "should wait to see the policies of a new Palestinian government [Hamas + Fatah] before condemning it".

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