Saturday, December 17, 2011

Allyn Fisher-Ilan: polemicist, propagandist, ventriloquist

Deeply dishonest Reuters correspondent Allyn Fisher-Ilan pens a blistering polemic on Jewish settlers who last week attacked an IDF outpost in Judea and Samaria (the "West Bank") and allegedly vandalized an abandoned mosque.

In the handful of incidents where she reports, Fisher-Ilan typically refers to Israelis who stage violent demonstrations against the Israeli separation barrier and throw rocks at soldiers (often seriously injuring them) as merely "pro-Palestinian" or with the genteel sobriquet, "leftists".  But in the case of Israelis protesting against the demolition of their homes in the area, engaging in violence indistinguishable from that of Fisher-Ilan's beloved "leftists", the Reuters correspondent is just a bit more, shall we say, vitriolic:
(Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday approved steps to crack down on violent ultra-nationalist Jewish settlers after a rampage at a West Bank military base and torching of a mosque's facade stirred public outrage.
Radical settlers are bent on foiling government efforts to shut down unauthorized outposts they have set up in occupied West Bank territory where Palestinians seek a state, although Israel has continued to expand larger official settlements.  [...]
On Wednesday, radical Jews burnt the facade of a Jerusalem mosque not recently in use and scrawled "Death to the Arabs" on its walls, an assault blamed on a group that has vandalized other Muslim houses of worship over the past two years.
While we don't condone violence or property damage committed by belligerents on either side of this conflict, we just want to point out Fisher-Ilan's willful, skillful, and hypocritical use of propagandistic rhetoric in an effort to manipulate readers to adopt her own patent political ideology.

Note also, how the Reuters correspondent then falsely attributes her employer's propaganda mantra to the Israeli Prime Minister:
Netanyahu said further that he would increase funding for investigations of violence in occupied territory. But he rejected calls to treat Israelis suspected of violence there as "terrorist targets," as Palestinian militants are handled.
Netanyahu did not say, and would likely never refer to the territory as "occupied".  Fisher-Ilan has simply fabricated the citation out of whole cloth.

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